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PES 2017 Kitpack V15 AIO Season 2020/2021

Images - Kitpack V15 AIO Season 2020/2021

New kitpack collection for the upcoming 2020/2021 Season. This kitpack can be used for all PES 2017 Patches. You can see some new kits below here.

Update Kitpack Season 2020/21 For PES 2017 V.15

* Compatible with all patches
* Update the numbers UCL
* Update the names UCL
* Compatible UCL Fix
* UniColor All kits Fix

Kitpack List :

Real Madrid(Home, Away, Third, GK)
Barcelona(Home,Up.Away, Third, 4th, GK)
AC Milan(Home,Up.Away, Third, 4th, GK)
Juventus(Home,Away, Third, 4th, GK)
Inter Milan(Home, Away, Third, GK)
Roma(Home, Away, Third, GK)
Paris Saint-Germain(Up.Home,Up.Away, Third, 4th,UP.GK)
Liverpool(Home, Away, Third, GK)
Chelsea(Home, Away, GK)
Arsenal(Home, Away, Third, GK)
Manchester United(Home, Away, Third, GK)
ManCity(Home, Away, Third, GK)
Ajax (Home, Away, Third, 4th, GK)
Olympique Marseille(Home, Away, GK)
Borussia M?nchengladbach(Home,Away, Third, GK)
Atletico de Madrid(Home, Away, Third, GK)
Valencia (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Bayern München(Home,Up.Away, Third, 4th, GK)
Borussia Dortmund(Home, Away, Third, 4th, GK)
Bournemouth(Home, Third, GK)
Newcastle United(Home, Away, Third, GK)
RB Leipzig(Home, Away)
AZ Alkmaar(Home)
Club Brugge(Home, Away, GK)
PSV Eindhoven(Home)
Southampton(Home, Away, Third, GK)
West Ham United (Home , Away, GK)
Everton(Home, Away, GK)
Feyenoord ( Away)
Bayer 04 Leverkusen(Home, Away)
Wolfsburg (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Leicester City(Home,Away,  GK)
Lille(Home, Away, Away, GK)
Monaco(Home, Away, GK)
Portoþ(Home, Away, Third, 4th, GK)
Derby County(Away, GK)
Athletic Bilbao(Home, Away, GK)
Celtic (Home, Away)
Galatasaray(Home, Away)
Nantes(Home, Away)
Olympique Lyonnais(Home, Away, Third, GK)
Leeds United (Home, Away, GK)
Sheffield United(Home)
Sporting (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Eintracht Frankfurt (Home, Away, GK)
Villarreal (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Real Sociedad(Home, Away)
Barnsley(Home, Away, Third)
Stoke City(Home, Away, GK)
Brighton (Home)
Aston Villa(Home, GK)
lazio(Home, Away, GK)
Schalke 04(Home, Away, Third, GK)
Benfica(Home, Away)
Fenerbahçe(Home, Away, Third)
Crystal Palace(Home, Away, Third, GK)
Dinamo Zagreb(Home, Away, Third, GK)
West Bromwich Albion(Home, Away)
Montpellier(Home, Away, Third)
Celta de vigo(Home, Away)
Real Valladolid(Home, Away, Third, GK)
Leganés(Home, Third,)
Hertha Berliner(Home)
Hoffenheim(Home, Away, Third, GK)
Wolverhampton(Home, Away, Third, GK)
Real Betis(Home, Third, GK)
Burnley(Home, GK)
Watford(Home, Away, GK)
Mainz 05(Home, Away)
Koln (Home, Third, GK)

How to Use : 

1. Extract the file with WinRAR,

2. Copy .CPK file to your PES 2017 download folder.

C:\Program Files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\download\

3. Generate with PES 2017 DpFileList Generator.

4. Done.

[ Size : 85.4MB ]


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