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PES 2017, PES 2019 & PES 2020 Chants Pack Update V11 AIO

Images - PES 2017, PES 2019 & PES 2020 Chants Pack Update V11 AIO

NEW Chants For PES 2020, PES 2019, PES 2018 & PES 2017

Chants Usage Notes :

Teams need to be licensed with correct team ID.
Empty audio slots have been added to teams where chants couldn't be sourced.
Designed for Pes2020. Will likely work fine in Pes2019, Pes2018 and Pes2017.
All audio files are intended to have their volume set below the commentary.
Volume control in-game affects volume of the pack.

Chants Features :

2 team with 16 chant slots
3 team with 14 chant slots
4 team with 12 chant slots
23 teams with 10 chant slots
153 teams each with 8 chant slots
125 teams each with 6 chant slots
503 teams each with 4 chant slots
160 player chants

ChantsBase Usage Notes :

It acts like a bass track to a song, is lowest background audio before any chants, whistles, cheers take place.
It will last the full length of the match for the home team in their home stadium.
It works best when used alongside my chant pack as the two packs will complement each other.
ChantsBase Features:
104 teams with base crowd audio for their home stadium.
12 generic base crowd audio used by other teams.

* Full List : https://bit.ly/3ilh28L

How to Install :

1. Download file & Extract them using WinRAR.

2. Copy the Preds_2020_Chants.CPK file to the download folder where your PES 2017 \ PES 2020 game is installed.

3. Generally found in > "C:\Program Files (x86)\User\XxX\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2017\download".

4. Then generate the DpFileList.bin file with DpFileList Generator by Baris (Put this CPK into the Last Checked).

5. Play & Enjoy the Game!

Credits :


[ Size : 2.4GB ]

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