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PES 2017 Additions Mega Facepack T99 Patch V5 (860+ Faces)

Additions Mega Facepack T99 Patch V5 (860+ Faces)

Additions Mega Facepack T99 Patch V5

Mega Facepack without Real Eyes For PES 2017


  • Focus patching fake face players.
  • Some face players EPL (Premier League), EFL (England), Liga 1 (France), La Liga, La Liga 123, (Spain) Serie B (Italy), Peru, Fenerbahce, Istanbul Basaksehir, and other . .
  • Some face players Qatar, Saudi, Bustos (Girona), Ljungberg (Classics) update Fernando Torres (Classics), Argentina Primera Division and more...
  • Include update face and hair only a few players
  • Total 700+ face players
  • All player faces are free real eyes
  • Compatible t99 patch v4.1 lastes live update and compatible option file final by Mirukuu
  • Bonus : Tattoopack unofficial (fix L. Romero/Independentie) and update a few player faces and hair only

* Compatible with T99 patch v5.0 + lastest live update : Here

How to Install :

1. Download & Extract files.

2. Copy mega facepack CPK file to the "download" folder where your PES 2017 game is installed.

3. Then generate the DpFileList.bin file with DpFileList Generator by Baris

4. Play & Enjoy the Game!

Collected & Repacked by : Akim Kemhil

Credits :

T99 Patch tim, Mirukuu, Diki Namikaze, Aco, Bayu Setiyo (BPES Mod), Sofyan Andri, HCS, Ferdiyansyah SP, Fajar Rifki, Kodigo Facemaker, WER Facemaker, Erwins FM, Jefferson_SF, Lucas, Eddie Facemaker, Mo Ha, Sameh Momen, Bono10 FM, FR, A5, Prince Shieka, DanielValencia_EA, Dewatupai, Nahue, CN Facemaker, Luis, Faku, Wilfredom, Znovik_S, Ozy_96, Alief, Eduran04, ARM, Elmodamer2010, Andrews, Huseyn, Vlad_R, G-Pw, LF Facemaker, Diego, MH, Shaft, Seba, Jonathan, Sotirakis, NEEST, CR7Facemaker, Lans, Autentiko, Steet, everest9, Ghea, Juegav, TwistedLogic, Stev King, Lincoln, Feqan, Burgos, Andri_Dexter11, Fasemc, Futsur, Shaggy, YNWA, Saviogoncalves1995, Rednik, Rahul, PantelG7, Kruptsev, ABW, Litos, del Pueblo, Hawke, Luzda, Pes Star, Bebo, Andrey_Pol, Gounduras2012 and all face makers, all tattoo makers, all PES Modder.


Download PES 2017 Additions Mega Facepack T99 Patch V5 (860+ Faces)

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  1. can we just use this without, the official t99 facepack?, or need to instal official first?


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