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PES 2017 NEW E-Room Next-Gen


NEW E-Room Next-Gen PES 2017

E-Room Next-Gen PES 2017

Features : 

New Scene {The camera moves from one side to another smoothly and displays a wide camera angle}

Staff {Adding staff or journalists who cover so that it gives a real impression}

Lightning {Real room light and player}

* Preview on youtube : https://youtu.be/L5AgHtrvIRM

How to Install :

1. Download & Extract files.

2. Copy Conference_GBK CPK file to the "download" folder where your PES 2017 game is installed.

3. Then generate the DpFileList.bin file with DpFileList Generator by Baris

4. Play & Enjoy the Game!

Credits :


Download PES 2017 NEW E-Room Next-Gen

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