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PES 2017 New Unofficial Tattoopack For T99 Patch Final

New Unofficial Tattoopack For T99 Patch Final

New Tattoo Pack For PES 2017


  • Base from t99 tattoo with some renew, reupdate and add many more tattoo players
  • 858 players with tattoo
  • Remove real eyes for all faces
  • Include body style like PES 2021 by Shayan Editor and PES17_Editor Mods

* Full Compatible with T99 Patch Final : https://bit.ly/3ptGPQd

AIO version no need previous or other tattoopack version

(Size 1,7Gb after extract 3,2Gb) (Tools and Credits must be downloaded)

How To Use?

  • Download file & Extract using WinRAR
  • Copy the Tattoo Pack CPK file to download folder then generate it
  • Open tattoo_appearance_2017_edit - v1.1 (the tool is already inside)
  • Copy your File OF (EDIT00000000) to tattoo_appearance folder, then double-click tattoo_appearance_2017_edit.exe (if there were any skin IDs to change, you’ll see it in the cmd-line window)
  • Now copy file "EDIT00000000_encryted" to save folder (C:\Users\_\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save),
  • then rename EDIT00000000_encryted to EDIT00000000
  • Done, Enjoy The Game!

Repacked by : Akim Kemhil

Big thanks:

T99 Patch Tim, Awaludin Aco, Bayu Setiyo (Bpes mod), Sofyan Andri, HCS, Thauvic Ganzter, ErwinsFM, Eddie Facemakers, Mo Ha Facemaker, Faces by Venuz Facemaker, RND Creative PES, Judas Facemaker, Kain Facemaker, M.El3raby Facemaker, DEH Facemaker, Facemaker Huseyn, BeboFacemaker, DanielValencia_EA, FR Facemaker, A5 Facemaker, Kodigo Facemaker, Faces by Dicky, Bebo Facemaker, Shayan Editor, PES17 Editor Mods, Feqan, El-Shenawy, Ghea Facemaker, Nimaesf, del Pueblo, Arshia Facemaker, ARM Facemaker, CN Facemaker, Ferdiyansyah SP, Fajar Rifki, Sameh Momen, Modo Guerrero, Jefferson_SF, Wer Facemaker, ABW, H.s.h Edit Maker, Nahuel, Shaft, Mirukuu, Ghiffari Facemaker, Alief, Andrey_Pol, Gonduras2012, Lucas Facemaker, Dnb ,Znovik_S ,Kruptsev ,Rednik ,Rasovukadinovic, Dewa Tupai,Professional, Robert Facemaker, A.Mussoullini, BenHussam, Jonathan , Sotirakis, Rahul, Prince Shieka, Prince Hamiz,Tentacion, Vangelis, Galymtaev, EmreT, Windhook, SantanAji, Burgos, The White Demon, G-Pw, Pogoss, Vlad_R, Litos, Everest9, Lucas Horst, Shaggy, Andrews, AlirezaFree, YNWA, CEY, Majestic, Gleidson ,Bono10 ,Futsur, Mariomilan, Galymtaev, Tommy-b, NL44, Wygno, Maxi 534, Hawke, Tunizizou, Mostafa, PES-Stars.co.ua, CPKMaker, Zlac and All Face Maker and Tattoo Maker, All PES Modder. (I'am very sorry if i forgot to list your name)

Also Big Thanks:

Mo Ha and HCS for tutor remove real eyes.

Download PES 2017 New Unofficial Tattoopack For T99 Patch Final 

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